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Our philosophy is based upon the concept that we should treat our patients the way we would want to be treated. This includes a fee schedule that is fair, easy-to-understand, and available. To that end, we have posted our fees for the most common procedures below but our team is always willing to discuss this with you personally and encourages your questions. We want you to understand the cost of your care and do not want to surprise you with an unexpected bill. 


When we opened, we offered comprehensive exams including oral cancer and periodontal screenings, a cleaning and any necessary x-rays for a flat $79.00 fee. We will continue to do this as we discovered that many patients without insurance appreciate a fair, simple, set price for these appointments. We continue to strive to maintain fair and understandable fees for all patients. After all, that is how we would want to be treated ourselves.


$79.00 (no fine print)

White Fillings

$102.00 - $205.00 ea.

Silver Fillings

$84.00 - 170.00 ea.

Root Canals

$628.00 - $860.00 ea.

All Porcelain Crown


Traditional Crown


Implant Crown

$1,425.00 ea.


$29,999.00 ea.

Valplast Partial Denture

$1,450.00 ea.

Complete Denture

$1,259.00 ea.

Clear Aligner/Invisalign

$2,999.00 ea.

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